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During the replacement process we start the morning off protecting your property by covering all windows with plywood and laying down tarps around the entire property to help protect the home and yard from the nails and falling debris. To further ensure that we leave the property as clean as possible, we have two guys always using magnets on the ground to avoid the spreading of the nails throughout the property. When we do our tear-off of shingles, we also remove all old felt and inspect the decking to ensure that there is no water damage. We then replace the felt with a synthetic felt as it is more durable. When we put on the new shingles, we use 4-6 nails per shingle to help prevent shingle slipping and future wind damage.

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Roof Replacement FAQs

How long does the roof replacement take?

The roof replacement process takes 1 day depending on the size of the house.

What does the homeowner need to do to prepare for the replacement?

The day before we start the work, we ask the homeowners to let their surrounding neighbors know that we will be starting work early that next morning and to move outside furniture and breakable items around the house.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Absolutely. Covering deductibles is illegal in the start of Texas. Sec. 27.02. (HB2102 Texas deductibles law)

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