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Here at Calvary Roofing and Construction we pride ourselves on same day inspection. We complete an in depth and detailed inspection of the entire property, not just the roof.

We start the inspection with a full elevation walk checking the gutters, downspouts, window screens, and window beating. We inspect all the buildings on the property and the stain to the fence. This is to ensure that the insurance pays to replace everything that was damaged. Once we are on the roof, we check to make sure that you have all the proper material on your roof before starting the inspection including the drip edge, felt, and starter. When checking for noticeable hail damage we start with the vents since it is made of a soft metal and can damage easily in a hailstorm. When looking for hail damage to the shingles, you can see a clear impact hit and feel the indentation to the shingle. The adjuster is usually looking for 10-12 Hail hits in a 10×10 square on all 4 facing slopes (North, South, East, and West facing slope). When looking for wind damaged shingles the adjuster is looking for shingles that are completely torn off or the shingles has a clear line across the shingle. This is caused by the shingle being lifted from the adhesive and folded over causing granule loss in a straight line across the shingle.

Roof Inspection

After 3 years of working for the insurance, I’ve come to notice that the adjuster is looking for a reason not to pay for the damages. One of the best ways to defend yourself against the insurance company is to notify them within a reasonable time frame from the storm date. Once the damage to the shingles has sat for too long, the granules from the hail damage start to loosen and fall from the mat of the shingle. This starts to look like natural granule loss over time making it difficult for the insurance company to distinguish storm damage from normal aging of the shingle. Some hail hits are large enough to penetrate through the matting of the shingle causing an area for water to leak into the home which may not be noticeable until it’s caused more damage.

Roof Inspections FAQs

How long does the inspection take?

Our inspections take about an hour. After the inspection, we send a detailed report with our recommendations to your email before we leave the property.

How can we help in Emergency situations?

When we are contacted with an emergency, we make it a priority to come to the property as soon as possible to tarp the damaged area to prevent further damage.

Should the contractor be present for the insurance adjuster meeting?

Absolutely. We are here to advocate for the homeowner to ensure that the insurance covers the damages. The best way we can do that is to be present for the insurance adjuster meeting to point out any damages that they might otherwise overlook.

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