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How long does the inspection take?

Our inspections take about an hour. After the inspection, we send a detailed report with our recommendations to your email before we leave the property.

How can we help in Emergency situations?

When we are contacted with an emergency, we make it a priority to come to the property as soon as possible to tarp the damaged area to prevent further damage.

Should the contractor be present for the insurance adjuster meeting?

Absolutely. We are here to advocate for the homeowner to ensure that the insurance covers the damages. The best way we can do that is to be present for the insurance adjuster meeting to point out any damages that they might otherwise overlook.

How often should I have maintenance performed on my roof?

We suggest every 2-3 years to have an inspection. We will provide a detailed report with our recommendations (if any) for needed maintenance.

How much does the maintenance cost?

Depending on the size of the roof, the average roof is $550.

How long does the roof replacement take?

The roof replacement process takes 1 day depending on the size of the house.

What does the homeowner need to do to prepare for the replacement?

The day before we start the work, we ask the homeowners to let their surrounding neighbors know that we will be starting work early that next morning and to move outside furniture and breakable items around the house.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Absolutely. Covering deductibles is illegal in the start of Texas. Sec. 27.02. (HB2102 Texas deductibles law)

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